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Systematic Review

  • Descriptors for the elaboration of search strategies were selected in MeSH and DeCS, controlled vocabularies from MEDLINE and LILACS, respectively. Embase's plan was designed with Emtree descriptors associated with MeSH. Free terms were also used, that is, significant keywords and their synonyms, spelling variations, and acronyms that are essential for searching in the searched domain, but which are not controlled descriptors (or are not in the synonym list of these descriptors);

  • Importantly, to maintain search uniformity, the same descriptors were used in all search strategies. However, search strategies were customized according to the specifics of each database;

  • It is also noteworthy that the group of terms related to "Brazil" is generally searched in all fields of research (subject, author, title, institutional affiliation, journal name, etc.);

  • Selected bases for research: MEDLINE via PubMed, Embase LILACS CINAHL Cochrane Library Scopus, Web of Science;

  • Bibliographic research filters and limits: period of publication (2004-2018); Languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish;

  • Type of study / publication: Review, Meta-Analysis, Clinical Trial, Randomized Controlled Trial, Comparative Study, Practice Guideline, Guideline, Systematic review, Evaluation studies, Government publications, Multicenter study;

  • Bibliographic management tool: EndNote Web.

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