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SBC Cardiovascular

Statistics Portal


The main goal of the group’s work is to create and then revise and update the Cardiovascular Statistics Brazil on an annual basis for publication in ABC Cardiol.

The focus is to provide new and updated data for each chapter and issue area covered.

This summary, the Cardiovascular Statistics Brazil document, will incorporate official statistics provided by the Brazilian Health Ministry and other government agencies, as well as data generated by other sources and scientific studies on heart disease, stroke, and other vascular diseases.

This initiative is based in the AHA´s Heart Disease & Stroke Update methodology and it is receiving support from the AHA team.

·The document will serve as a valuable resource for researchers, clinicians, patients, healthcare policy makers, media professionals, the public, and others who seek the best national data available on heart disease and stroke prevalence and incidence, risk factors, complications, mortality; quality of care; medical procedures and operations; and costs associated with the management of these diseases. 

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